Honic - a new health start-up investment

A start-up from Neckarsulm has big plans. Honic, the research platform for health data, is a product of Health Data Technologies GmbH and the new investment of adesso ventures.


The German healthcare system has only begun its digital transformation in earnest since 2019. However, the 4.2 billion euro Hospital Future Act of 2021, among other things, is now adding momentum to the system. The question of where our health data is digitally stored and according to which rules technology companies are allowed to process it is becoming increasingly urgent.


Honic is therefore developing a purely European alternative for the secure storage, processing and analysis of health data. All of Honic's technology is "made in Germany":


  • the service is hosted by STACKIT, the new cloud provider of the Schwarz Group (Lidl, Kaufland) with German data centres,
  • the task of external data trustee is assumed by Bundesdruckerei GmbH,
  • the secure transmission of data is made possible by hardware from Secunet,
  • and we provide support in software development.


For researchers from pharmaceutical companies or university clinics to AI developers, health data, especially from medical care, is of elementary importance, but its use has hardly been possible so far due to the German interpretation of the GDPR - which is why medical research is increasingly migrating to the USA and Asia. In close coordination with the data protection supervisory authority, Honic has developed an architecture in recent months that makes it possible to make the data available for medical research in compliance with the GDPR. Honic was already able to collect seven-figure pre-seed funding at the time of its founding. A seed round is planned for late summer 2022.



For further information about the Honic Medhive, please visit the website: www.honic.eu.

Honic Medhive