insightsON - new investment by adesso orange

In July, inQventures starts with the support of a start-up from Paderborn. insightsON, founded by Pascal Salmen and Andre Stollhans from adesso orange AG, is supposed to simplify the sales management of companies in the future by generating concrete sales measures from raw data.


In sales, a lot of data and information is collected, from customers, their transactional behaviour, what and how they buy. Often, however, the numbers alone don't tell you anything, information needs to be looked at coherently to understand what it means. But even if the numbers lead to usable results, the question is what to do with them - which customers are currently showing or will show conspicuousness in the future and what measures can be taken in response? This is exactly where the start-up from Paderborn comes in.


insightsON offers a cloud-based software as a service platform that analyses internal transaction data with AI-based models as an add-on to the CRM system, enriches these analyses with external customer data and generates concrete and future-oriented sales strategies from the analyses. Turnover and efficiency in sales are to be increased in this way: for example, customer churn can be predicted. The recommended actions of insightsOn make it possible to get more out of existing customers, especially smaller ones, and to win new customers more efficiently.  With the new solution, time-consuming, manual Excel reports are a thing of the past.


Currently, the solution focuses on the logistics industry and energy supply, but in the future it will be expanded into other B2B sectors, such as the automotive industry.