Participation in eCovery

inQventures participates in the Leipzig-based start-up eCovery, which will bring physiotherapy into your pocket. For this purpose, the founders Marcus Rehwald, Dr. Alexander Georgi and Benedict Rehbein have brought a class l medical device to the market.


As we age, we wear out our bodies, and some joints give problems more quickly than others.  Knee pain, inflammation and related surgeries are accompanied by physiotherapy to maximize the healing success. But especially in times of a global pandemic there are obstacles that make a visit to a doctor's office or a rehab center impossible, training at home leads a stepmother's existence.However, extended breaks in treatment and suspended therapy sessions can jeopardize progress - and that's where the app eCovery comes in.


Patients can easily continue their rehabilitation from home with the help of the app, instructions and exercise videos. The app monitors exercise progress and provides the ability to get direct feedback from patients as well as physical therapists and to customize the exercise plan as needed.


Today, eCovery already covers therapies for the knee, back and hip: diagnoses are given 20 million times a year in this country, for which eCovery can provide a solution. In the future, it should be possible to provide a medically based digital rehabilitation for other body parts and joints. The first pilot projects to expand the product are already in the starting blocks and partner practices are already in place.



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