New participation in education

inQventures participates in Start-up Signal Hill GmbH with the solution wryte

In the future, pupils should be able to go through everyday school life with more ease. inQventures participates in Start-up Signal Hill GmbH - together we want to push the digitalization of pupils' working methods. Currently, heavy school bags, many books, exercise books, worksheets and other items are still part of everyday school life. As a result, students currently quickly end up in a document chaos, which, with the additional use of tablets, is usually also digitally reproduced.

This is where wryte comes in - the company comes from Munich and is managed by Philipp Kramer and Matthias Schadhauser. The result is an iPad app that enables students to work with both digital exercise books and eBook textbooks. Best of all, the app intelligently keeps all documents in order by itself and always opens the right exercise book immediately when the app is launched. With the constant addition of new functions, students will have the first digital schoolbag that enables them to cope with the entire school day. These additions include an intelligent homework booklet and live linkage of the substitution plan for their own school.



Quote of the founders: Your new school bag is not a school bag.