First Start-up Boostival Pitch-Event: And the winner is...

On october 26th the 1st Boostival of inQ inQventures entures for six selected start-ups took place at adesso in Dortmund


Therefore inQventures invited the following entrepreneurs with their great ideas to the pitch event:




Sefolio and OKIKO in fintech, MeinePatientenverfügung and Heartbeats in e-health, BitsaboutMe in the field of big data and S O Nah with its iot business modell.

For the competition with its slogan "Give your start-up the boost", inQventures had won a topclass, ten-member jury with eyperienced investors from the financial and isruance industry, as well as venture capital doners. In front of this specialist audience, the founders presented their business idea and the market environment, problem solving and solution as well as their specific product with their market potential in individual pitches.

And the winner is...


The most convincing presentation was held by the startup S o Nah, and was named the winner of the 1st Start-up Boostival by the jury. As a prize, a two-day start-up coaching with workshop in the "Interaction Room" from adesso was given to S o Nah. Here we take a look at the business model and its opportunities and risks together with the founders.

The business model:

S O Nah develops an optical sensor, which serves as a building block of an intelligent infrastructure solving urban problems - e.g. the parking problem, the energy waste of street lamps or the dangers of (autonomous) vehicles. Additional services can be uploaded remotely at any time via a software update. In the future, they want to offer cities the sensors for free and earn proportionate to the savings realized by them (intelligent lighting) / additional revenue (dynamic pricing models).

S O Nah attaches great importance to data protection: The image material is evaluated locally and decentrally in the sensor and only metadata is provided as information.


S O Nah - Gewinner des 1. Start-up Boostivals
S O Nah - Gewinner des 1. Start-up Boostivals


Frank Reinecke (Managing Director of inQventures) draws this conclusion for the premiere event:


"After the consistently positive feedback from start-ups and investors, we want to expand the Start-up Boostival into a series of events."


After relaxed discussions with adesso IoT beer and delicious snacks, the event was celebrated together after the pitches and used for networking.

The other start-ups

Here are the other Start-ups with their business ideas:


Meine Patientenverfügung // Branche: E-Health


Business idea:

There is a huge need for living wills. We heal the existing weaknesses of existing offers. These are in particular effectiveness and availability. For this purpose, we have developed an interactive application that allows customers without prior knowledge to easily create their pension documents online. The documents are archived legally secure and are always available for inspection. This enables effective self-determination in the last phase of life.


Sefolio // Branche:Fintech


Business idea:

Sefolio is a fintech solution with a serious gaming approach that enables clubs to be sustainably financed by their fans. Clubs can take out loans with fixed and bonus interest rates. The bonus interest rate is linked to the performance of individual players. Investors create a player portfolio for their loan, receive the fixed interest rate and also benefit from their skill and individual player performance. The interest expense for clubs is directly linked to success and counteracts the usual market, i.e. lower interest charged in bad times.


BitsaboutMe // Branche:Big Data


Business idea:

BitsaboutMe attacks the € 260 billion (EU) personal data market. We establish a personal data marketplace where private users and companies can trade data in a transparent and controlled manner. As B2B2C model analogous to eBay, we set up a commission on the trading volume and plan € 100 million in 2021. We operationalize the EU-GDPR, which serves as a trigger when it comes into force in May 2018 Europe-wide and deposed the data bats who are currently running this business completely behind the backs of users.


OKIKO // Branche: Fintech


Business idea:

OKIKO is the secure online payment service for Kids & Teens. Shops only pay a normal transaction fee. The € 11 billion pocket money market thus gains access to e-commerce for the first time.


HearthBeats // Branche: E-Health


Business idea:

HeartBeats is a health care app with the help of specially composed music. We help people with a variety of illnesses (tiredness, fatigue, sleep disorders, depression, stress, etc.). Health insurance companies can integrate the app into their health care programs for their members. In addition, people can use the app through a monthly subscription.  The turnover of the e-health market in Germany in 2017 is € 392 million.


In addition, the following two start-ups exposed their business idea at the Boostival:


Timum// Branche: Services


Business idea:

timum is the online kick-off for online sales of services through automated booking and scheduling. The SaaS solution digitizes appointment management with clients, customers, tenants, partners and external contacts. The effort for the appointment coordination is reduced by up to 90%. And the capacity utilization increases by nearly 100% rejection reliability and new assignment.



SoccerWatch// Branche: IoT-Services


Business idea:

soccerwatch offers a fully automatic camera system and an online streaming service for the live broadcast of amateur football matches.