inQventures joins forces with the start up Forstify

inQventures is participating in a start-up from Arnsberg in the Sauerland region that was founded 2018: Forstify GmbH will offer an online platform for trading in raw wood. The business idea came from a colleague from the adesso Group, among others.

At present, countless different private and public forest owners and forest management associations trade various wood assortments and qualities with numerous customers from industry and commerce. It is difficult for non-forestry people to keep track of the market. Here Forstify would like to provide more transparency.

The start-up will offer an open trading platform for raw wood for all market participants - wood producers and wood processors. This will bring suppliers and customers together and will also act as an intermediary for service providers in the forestry sector. The responsive platform will be developed as a web app for smartphones, tablets and desktops. The Forstify founders incorporate the requirements of marketing organisations, forest owners, foresters and buyers into the development of the platform. Offers can be made and bought in a range from 5 to 30,000 cubic meters regionally and supraregionally. Raw wood can be searched on Forstify in a few seconds with RVR data, i.e. the criteria according to the agreement for raw wood trade in Germany, or by distance, and can also be inspected on photos. 

Together with Marco Hartmann from the Sauerland forestry Christian Kaulich had the idea for Forstify. He is confident: "We are aware that with forestry we have chosen a particularly complex and demanding industry. But it is precisely in such closely networked sectors that digitalisation can make everyday life easier for many people and companies".