Product presentation on the street

"On the road" was the urban ENERGY advisory board meeting to present the MVP (Minimal Valuable Product) for the urban ENERGY data hub and the solution for the time-shifted and consumption-optimized charging of electric cars.

The urban ENERGY colleagues completed the MVP in an impressive final sprint, so that nothing stood in the way of a presentation of the “living object”. A loading device was set up at lightning speed in the Berlin adesso premises. The subsequent test with an electric car worked flawlessly and showed that both the end-user app and the back end of urban ENERGY work smoothly.

The Advisory Board was delighted with the MVP, which was completed on time, and then discussed further planning for 2020 and the next sales to-dos.


Andreas Prenneis and Gregor Schwald (inQventures), Marcus Böker, Christian Fasse, Michael Heinemann (PHOENIX CONTACT) and the three founders: Stephan Thies, David Stolz and Paul Dittrich.